OpenAudioMc Licence and Terms of Service

By activating the software as made available on this website or through the plugin build you acknowledge that you have carefully read and fully understood the Terms of Services as described in this document/website and that you will comply with these Terms of Services.

The Terms of Services as described in this document are also applicable to purchases made through OpenAudioMc accounts ( on or other services/sites owned/endorsed by the openaudiomc project or Mindgamesnl


Processed and Stored Data


Terms of Service and License


Users have the rights to get a full copy of their data and have all of their data removed through the GDPR. Please contact me (Mindgamesnl) in the OpenAudioMc Discord if you wish to do any of the above, or to terminate your account. (I will ask you to send proof of account ownership, either through a digital fingerprint or email confirmation).